Houses, apartments and offices that are free from microbes, bacteria and fungi? Is such a thing even possible?

Areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or drying rooms are the perfect environment for the growth of all kinds of micro-organisms. Now, the impossible is finally becoming possible. All because of the latest technologies used to coat the surfaces of equipment in households and public spaces with antibacterial coatings.

OSPEL, here to meet your expectations

Our company offers the AS Antibacterial product series, which uses a special technology to coat the surface of our equipment with paint containing silver phosphate glass. Electrical fittings, including, in particular, switches, dimmers and sockets, are the part of every apartment, office or public space that is very frequently touched. You could even say that they are the breeding ground for bacteria” – explains Beata Pandel from the Promotion Department of OSPEL S.A.

Silver ions for protection against viruses and bacteria

Silver and phosphorus are elements that have been long known to be antiseptic.

Silver is a unique element with very special properties. Silver ions can bind the enzymes of bacteria to block their activity. This inhibits their ability to grow and multiply, resulting in the complete extinction of microbes.

Permanent protection even with intensive use

“In addition to antiseptic properties, silver has another very valuable characteristic. A coating made of silver ions is virtually impossible to wash off, despite frequent and intensive use” – adds Beata Pandel.

 This means that using antibacterial coatings in the kitchen is a guarantee of safety and hygiene for an indefinite period, without fear of viral or fungal growth. This is particularly important in areas such as bathrooms, where the recommended product are splash-proof sockets. Silver ions work all the time, during the day and at night, without the need for any energy or power supply, continuously removing pathogenic bacteria and preventing them from spreading. Ever since the discovery of the antibacterial properties of silver, there have been constant efforts to improve antibacterial coatings. You can find such solutions, for instance, in the range of all-or-part switches, illuminated hotel switches and other AS Antibacterial products.

Silver phosphate glass in the coating of electrical fittings

Thus, the recent years witnessed the development of the technology for the production of silver phosphate glass. This glass is used to produce antibacterial coatings and implants that prevent the most frequent types of infections.

The covers of AS Antibacterial electrical fittings are coated with paint containing silver phosphate glass. Studies conducted at an accredited laboratory have shown full conformity to the European requirements for antibacterial protection, including, in particular, the requirements of the ISO 22196 standard. AS Antibacterial products are available in the white colour.