Series impresja

The Impresja series is characterised by discreet elegance, subtle shapes and exquisite design. Its vast colour palette provides much scope for arrangement options.

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The Impresja collection is where functionality - vital for electrical components - meet elegant, slightly convex line based on a square. Elements from the Impresja series are available in five colours: white, ecru, silver, titanium, anthracite or gold with metallic gloss. Such a wide range allow a perfect fit of the components both to the modern, even ascetic arrangements, industrial designs or classic, richly ornamented interiors. The combination of an interesting line with complementary colour scheme on the one hand makes the components a neutral element of the interior and on the other hand exposes them as strong arrangement details.


Metal frames with the appearance of brushed aluminium, brushed satin and brushed anthracite are models which will surely turn heads of enthusiasts of modern solutions. Minimalist, slightly austere products will be perfect for monochromatic interiors or rooms with industrial or modernist climate.

Glass Impresja frames in turn, are a truly versatile proposal which can be effortlessly composed into any room. They rely on their universal form and interesting colour patterns. Glass frames are available in subdued colours of white, grey and black, as well as in intense hues of lime and plum. They will fit perfectly on white and pastel walls, as well as ones painted in more vivid colours.

Exclusive anthracite colour and elegant line of the shapes will add character to all interiors.

Mutliple frames will make it easier and prettier to fit all functions in a single place.