Sonata wireless control

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Switches for wireless control within the Sonata series make everyday life easier. Our wireless control sets are based on radio transmission and allow for extending the existing installation with control functions:

• lighting
• blinds
• gates

Installation of the control system is very simple and completely non-invasive, i.e. there is no need to forge walls or lay additional cables. The sets consist of:

• transmitter (connector)
• executive module (mounted in a flush-mounted box)

and the whole system is powered by a battery fitted into the connector, whose life expectancy is 3 years.

Lighting control

We can easily increase the number of lighting control points, using our set ZŁN-1RSF / m / 00. Without interfering with the existing installation, we can install additional connectors, be it at the bed in the bedroom or at a height suitable for the child.

Blinds control

Often, it is only during the use of the house or apartment that it is precisely specified from which place the blinds are most conveniently controlled, or maybe we lack an additional point? Then the problem is solved by the ZŁN-1RSF / m / 00 set. Transmitters can be moved at any time and to any place during the building's exhaustion. The executive module of the set is designed to control both blinds and other devices driven by an electric motor.

Gate control

Often you think about the installation of the gate control only during the apartment, and here we also have the opportunity to avoid cable installation, because the used executive modules are ideal for devices such as entrance gates. Using wireless connectors, we can open the gate from any room with a view of the entrance to the property.