Series As

The As series – geometric form contrasted with delicate curves of the frames. It is a synergy of dynamic patterns with neutral colour scheme, which will perform well in any indoors. The highest quality of materials and timeless design made it possible to create a product, which will keep your indoors pretty for many years to come.

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As is a perfect choice for people with truly classical tastes. Both the main elements and the complementary square-shaped frames with strongly pronounced corners. The angles are acute and perfectly fit the geometrical trend in interior design. In the case of elements with an additional backlit, small details become a strong and bold accent. This is the collection for the decisive, therefore the colour options are limited and correspond well with the classics.

The home entertainment system requires connection of various systems and multiple sockets. A quintuple frame helps keep everything under control, with an added benefit to the living room appearance. The As series offers frames from single to quintuple, all of them may be used for installation of products both in a horizontal and vertical option.

Work surfaces, appliances, dinner table – all those places require relevant lighting. Multiple frames may contain enough functions to make the kitchen the true heart of the home.

Special purpose products: dimmer and blind switch are perfect to transform the bedroom into a cosy refuge.