Dramatic look or how to decorate with black

Black is the colour for the brave. Not everyone can wear it. Not everyone can apply in interior design. And that's a pity because black has just moved from the world of fashion to the kingdom of home decoration. It is dramatic, it is  bold and, contrary to popular belief, not gloomy at all. In 2019/20 season black is on a roll. From black sideboards, black prints, black tiles, black finishes and fittings - black is the winner. See how you can use it in your home.

Black in accessories and decorations

Perhaps the great "come back" of dark colours such as black is due to the industrial style, which has so skilfully applied dark, iron elements into our surroundings. Geometric lamps, modern hangers, black steel table legs – they all are a heritage of the industrial style. Black finishes include electrical equipment too, such as switches and sockets. They too play an important part in the way our living spaces look.  And there are a lot of black light switches to choose from today.

The elegant Aria switch in black metallic finish is just the beginning. In the Sonata and Impresja collections by Ospel , we find switches and sockets in black glass, brushed black aluminium, black metallic, or anthracite. Decorations and home accessories in black are very present in our homes. We expect that in the coming months they will become even more popular and prominent. 

Does black reduce the sense of space?

Many of us are afraid of black and strong, dark saturated colours such as: burgundy, emerald, or pomegranates. Small rooms in particular are traditionally painted in bright colours because they emphasize  the light coming to the room. Paint producers  and decorators, however, are perfectly aware that black and dark hues do not have to visually make the room smaller. It is true that painting all walls in black can be a too avant-garde look, but dark colours in general blur the edges and angles, creating the illusion of space. Experts advise to combine black with bright paints. The trick is to use dark colours on the walls, but choose floors, ceilings and furniture in a lighter tone. The contrast between them will then help us increase the visual appearance of the living space. Even that small one.

The rule of contrast can help us further in choosing the right accessories and fittings. For instance light switches in Aria collection seem ideal for adding both delicate and strong accents to your home. Consisting of a key, inner and outer frames Aria light switches allow you to create a unique combination that can work in dark spaces.  Inner decorative frames subtly introduce colour accents consistent with the interior design. For a stronger effect, the choice of three elegant metalized colours, underlines the industrial style heritage. Furthermore, using glass or metal frames from the Sonata or Impresja collections, you can emphasise the sophisticated yet modern feel of your home, adding that chic look to your home design.  

The shade is important

Dark graphite, anthracite or ebony - these are just a few of the terms we use to describe black. It has many varieties and each of them can perfectly emphasize the beauty of our home interior. When choosing accessories for black walls, let's bear in mind that black has many undertones. Also, when assembling electrical equipment, which we mount on a dark wall, choose the switches and sockets in a shade that matches its unique tone.