Golden sockets, golden contacts - is gold the right colour for electrical equipment?

Have you heard that the price of gold is on the rise? Well, interior designers have known something about it for a few years now. And we are not talking precious metal here. The colour of gold has been present in the most important decorative trends since 2017. It has been practically everywhere - in the mirror frames, geometric lamps, fabrics, kitchen taps and bathroom soap dishes. Luxury associations with gold combined with a popular industrial or post-Scandinavian style give great - sometimes surprising - results. Let's take a closer look at gold in interior design.

Why is gold so fashionable?

The answer is the glow. Apart from the clever use of mirrors or lamps, as a way of bringing some light into the room, designers rely on golden elements to give the space the right glow. Gold catches the eye, gives an additional dimension in monochrome spaces and reflects light reflections. A similar effect is also given by other metallic elements, but it is gold that brings a note of exclusive warmth into the room. It fits perfectly with the intensive colours on the walls and luxurious velvet fabrics in furniture.

Golden sockets in your home

In recent years, we've been using metallic accessories, including gold, with greater courage. We are more eager to reach for gold-coloured electrical equipment too. Golden sockets and golden contacts are no longer just the domain of fashionable restaurants and solicitors’ offices. "Gold is a colour that reminds one of durability and perfection. Many of our customers are looking for accessories in a shade of gold. We've created the Impresja series especially for them. As the name suggests, it is supposed to delight. The flagship colour in the Impresja product range is golden metallic, "says Beata Pandel from Ospel," Golden sockets or golden light switches subtly fit into modern arrangements. They never overwhelm. At the same time give the rooms a dignified character. "

Golden eclectic equipment -where does it fit?

Arrangements that apply golden light switches and golden sockets perfectly complement other accessories in the golden shade. They wonderfully blend with door handles, drawer knobs or curtain rods. Due to golden elements, the decorated room acquires a thoughtful, consistent character, demonstrating the decisive personality of the house's inhabitants. And gold is not a choice of the brave only. Surprisingly, it's a colour that easily adapts to different styles. A key to success is to use gold with modesty. Golden contacts and sockets are excellent decorative elements conducive to achieving just such a mature style.