New faces of white in decorations of interiors

Light ON/OFF switches in white colour are part of classical style. They never go out of fashion. However, the latest trends of interior design change. Which switches and electric outlets to use, when you want to augment the aesthetical and stylish qualities of your home? Which interiors need white, and in what settings a colour is required?

White – the flagship colour of the Scandinavian fashion

The Scandinavian fashion was one of key trends in interior arrangement of the early years of this century. Today it can be seen in practically each area of design, likely to be met in homes, cafés and shops. It is based on usage of natural materials and colours such as white, grey and the colours of wood. Minimalistic window frames, bright floors and a lot of natural light – this is what a most exemplary Scandinavian-style interior looks like.

Inspired by the Scandinavian fashion, designers all over the world prepared a range of products intended to emphasise the simplicity and functionality of white interiors. As significant as these products  are the small-size components, such as light switches and electric outlets. These items give the room a specific appearance. White electric sockets and switches are classical solutions. Another important aspect is the form. The designers of Polish brand name Ospel are the authors of the Sonata collection, characterised by sharp geometrical outlines, which define the Scandinavian style, and minimalistic appearance. Therefore, when choosing this type of equipment, it is good to take a look not merely at its colour, but also at its shape and material, making the desired style more visible.

Changes on the horizon

Fashion loves change. The Scandinavian style, enjoying unwavering appreciation and popularity, evolves. This year’s interior design fair in Milan hosted a lot of fresh ideas. These include new concepts for usage of white. In this year’s season grey and beige gives way to pastel, even sweetie shades of yellow, willow green and peach colours. Floral motives boldly pave their way to modern designs. However, white remains distinctly recognisable in additions. It still shines in bathrooms and kitchens. White, rectangular tiles laid in „brick wall” patterns add beauty to many utility rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. These are also places where details are of importance. Hermetical sockets in rooms swathed in moisture or vapour, are not always offensive. Ospel collections include white splash-proof  sockets, which are not only safe, but also capable of pointing out the beautiful style of the interior. Remember that sockets and contacts are clearly visible on shining tiles. Therefore electrical accessories require not only good operational quality, but also high aesthetical values.

What if white is not white

Anyone of us, who was painting walls at least once, knows that the concept of white is a broadly conceived idea. White can assume an uncountable number of shades: from snow-white through milk, to off-white. More often than not, we need an example colour template to see the number of white shades. Therefore, when buying electrical accessories, it is good to take some pieces of carton with colour samples, against which the selected switch or mains outlet can be compared. Cool white shade of an electric contact hardly matches warm white shade of the wall. The same rules govern selection of electric sockets in a bathroom. The bathroom fixtures and colours of porcelain also have their shades. Wash basins, bathtubs and shower trays, although looking just white, may show creamy, or even yellowish shades. This is what we must care about, when buying, to avoid traps, which may turn our final intentions upside down.

If not white, then what

The latest trends in interior arrangement tend to avoid monochromatic and minimalistic decoration of space. Botanic motives and biophilia underscore the relations between nature and human beings. Hence the recent proliferation of tropical philodendrons and floral patterns of wall-paper, which could hardly be seen since the 1980-ties. Another tendency gathering strength is eclecticism. The most desired accessories are those made of gold, silver or stone, which make the room warm and versatile. In summary: is it good to reach for accessories, reflecting these small revolutions in designs of interiors? Why not. Classic white does a good job in most rooms, but the light switches such as those of Sonata line (framed in stone or wood), or Aria line (black metallic colour) can provide a perfect new touch to modern designs.

For all those who love classics and elegance white remains number one favourite in arrangement of homes. Therefore, when looking for white switches and power outlets it is good to remember the great share they take in overall success of our decorator’s work.