Romantically about the unromantic

You may or may not be a fan of Valentine's Day, but the fact is, the day before Valentine's Day, the world got a little bit more rosy. Chocolates, flowers and teddy bears look at us from many  shop windows. Meanwhile the newspapers publish advice on how to organize a perfect dinner for two.

At Ospel, with a pinch of salt, we wonder if the electrical equipment has anything to do with Valentine's Day? Are power plugs and sockets a topic for those affected by Cupid's arrow? Quoting the lyrics of "Love is everywhere", we have decided to search for it.

We love houses

We have been in love with homes for years. We design and manufacture newer and more functional electrical equipment for them. We replace old generation sockets and switches with modern and durable connectors that will please you for years to come. Houses change and so do we. The advent of cellural phones and other devices powered by a USB cable meant that we created a new type of socket for your convenience. And when the houses became "intelligent", we introduced wireless control connectors to make it easier for you to control the lighting, garage gate or roller shutters. All these novelties were born out of a passion for creating functional and aesthetic things. How else could we call this passion if not love?

If it is Valentine's Day then it must be red

What else do we have in common with Valentine's Day? The choice of bold colors of course, including the color of love - red. As an intense color that celebrates the strength of character, it was out of fashion for years. Fortunately, with the return of strong and saturated paints to the world of interior decoration, we are more likely to reach for this lively color. It works great with black, gray or white. It carries energy and dynamics. Perhaps red, as a hue for our homes, is worth considering outside of Valentine's Day too?

And finally, "Honey, fix this socket please..."

How often do we hear such requests? How quickly do we implement them? Often the expression of love is simply listening and helping. Let's remember about the requests of our loved ones, and if the house needs some minor repairs, let's do them right away and with a smile.

We wish all lovers and those who seek love a wonderful holiday.