Spring inspirations

As every year, spring brings about longer days, and sunny weather encourages changes, sometimes even small ones. Fans of interior design and decoration have been waiting long months for these spring metamorphose.

What trends will rule in spring 2020? What should we keep in mind? Here is our suggestion.

Pink still occupies the scene

Feminine shades are present in interior design for several years now, and the year 2020 is no different: pink is still a celebrated colour. Pink, in its new version, appeared several years ago, and its popularity is not decreasing. This colour is most often combined with shades of grey, as traditionally these colours combine perfectly. However, 2020 brings also new interesting combinations, such as pink and dark blue or retro-pink. We know, that pink is one of the most often chosen shades in interior design. Customers came to like pink colour, especially in its pastel, subdues shades. That is why our suggestion for clients is Aria line of switches in modern shades of grey, as they combine with pink in an elegant way. New Prestige frames are especially noteworthy. This spring we offer a wide range of switch frames, that in our opinion will perfectly match current trends.


Metallic glam, wall and marble

Last season shiny wall and floor tiles covered with gold, rust-like, or silver layer, conquered interiors of our homes. Literally. Use of tiles is no longer limited to bathrooms and kitchens. Today they are also present in the living space. Shiny accessories are successfully combined with classy, elegant marble and expressive concrete.

Decorative frames for Aria line switches have been developed especially for metallic, or raw concrete surfaces. Concrete and metal are substances that require appropriate highlighting elements. Only accessories made of noble materials such as glass and metal, fit perfectly such raw interiors.

Biophilia – botany at its best

As was expected, interior design styles referring to botany and plants are entering the phase of extreme popularity. Last year’s fascination with monster leaves, that was present on all possible materials, wall papers, and embossed patterns are only the beginning of plant-frenzy. Biophilia is a trend well-blended into the broad philosophy of modern man: clean air, back to nature attitude, and strength we draw from plants that surround us. In interior design biophilia means more than just plants at home. It extends to soft and rounded furniture forms, green on walls, botanical motifs subtly present in interior arrangement.



Back to nature philosophy is a strong trend in interior design. In Ospel we wish to be part of this trend. That is why our switches easily match and combine into this style with their simplicity and elegance.

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