Summer in BOHO style

Nostalgia for long-distance travels, love for the flora, natural colours and genuine materials – this is what Boho style is all about. All – because Boho style is a whole range of elements that connect with the deeper, slow-life philosophy.
We like to go back to the memories of languorous holidays or fascinating travels. Boho style is an interior design trend that takes these memories to our apartments and homes, so that they can be with us for longer. What is more, it is very easy to execute and it uses authentic souvenirs from places where we spent our holidays. Today, we show you what to do to make your home Boho style.

Where did Boho style come from in 2021

In the 80s, the Ethnic style concept was born in the USA. It alluded to the folk cultures of Africa, South America and Oceania. It was also a response to ubiquitous, mass produced goods, mainly made of plastic. It expressed a longing for something real and, at the same time, exotic. The Ethnic style still recurs in design, but it mostly applies to textiles and apparel. In interior design, this style has evolved and now its reinterpreted embodiment is referred to as Boho style.

sypialnia w stylu Boho

References to far travels

In Boho style, we very often see decorative elements associated with travel. These are extremely diverse, as they are expressed in both exotic plants, such as palms, recently trendy monsteras or large-leaf strelitzias, and souvenirs from voyages. As decorations, we can use hand-woven kilims brought from far lands, straw hats that we wore on the beach, and wicker or bamboo baskets, boxes and hand fans… the spectrum of choice here is enormous. What is most important, these do not have to be store-bought decorations but authentic “trophies” from our holidays.

Colours to please your eyes

Boho style is also a stepping stone from the glittering lights of the world. It is a break from television, mobile phones, tablets and any other types of intrusive advertisements. The colours of interior design concentrate on the colours of nature. Here, we meet ochre, rusty shades of red, honey tones and muted beiges and greens.  Together, these create an atmosphere of artistic expression and quiet. They do not irritate, but calm you down.

When choosing the colours for a room, it is worth looking at significant details. In the SONATA switch range, the colours of both switches and frames fulfil the requirements of Boho style.

łóżko z pomarańczową narzutą w sypialni w stylu boho

White is also commonly used in Boho style, which makes it so easy to apply in interiors that have previously been designed in, for example, Scandinavian style. It is enough to rethink the colour of the curtains and pillows to impart a whole new vibe to our interior.

Boho equals authentic

Boho style loves authentic materials more than anything else. Wood is a key. Equally important are also natural textiles, such as wrinkling linen or breathable cotton. Small wicker or rattan decorations perfectly complement the whole interior. Ceramics is making a comeback. But the simplest one. Stoneware plates, bowls, pots or even mugs are items that will allow us to achieve the Boho effect.

Salon w stylu Boho

Far from lavish

A key to success in Boho style interiors is moderation. This style does not like lavishness, maximalism or visual chaos. It naturally loves space and simplicity. If we want to use patterns, e.g. on rugs or throws, we should avoid intrusive or excessively expressive themes. Such elements as light switches, which are equally important and visible, should also be delicate. The IMPRESJA range is all about subtle colours and classic shapes.  Muted and, most importantly, matching the remaining elements of interior design, they complement it without playing a lead role in the room.

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