USB socket - a good home investment

Think about it: how often do you charge devices with a USB cable? And how many USB-charged electrical devices do you have?

Already more 5.15 billion people use mobile phones worldwide. But USB charged devices don’t stop with that.  We have digital radios, laptops, tablets, e-books, flashlights and even vacuum cleaners! All charged by USB ports. In recent years, the collection of gadgets charged via USB has grown truly spectacularly. Along with them, a truly spectacular rise of frustratingly tangled cables happened too. We endlessly plug and re-plug devices from one socket to another to "make room" for USB chargers. And yet the solution to this problem is very easy.

No more "can I borrow your charger"

USB sockets first came on the market a few years ago. However, until now they have been mainly used in offices where several employees had to use USB ports at the same time. Now Ospel introduced a collection of USB electrical sockets which is ideal for homes and apartments too. Available as flush-mounted sockets, with earthing and equipped with shutters, Ospel USB sockets are a convenient and safe form of charging electrical devices in home conditions. The screens prevent small objects such as safety pins, sticks and nails from being inserted into any of the holes. The socket, in addition to the standard socket port, has a built-in USB port, so you no longer need to use chargers. Simultaneously, Ospel USB sockets allow you to power electrical equipment and a cell phone.

USB sockets - various shapes and colours

Sockets with a USB charger do not have to be boring. In our collection we offer a wide range of colours from minimalistic white, through champagne gold to chocolate metallic. Sockets can be combined with interesting frames to create modern arrangements. The Aria, As, Sonata, Impresja and Karo collections all have USB sockets versions available. Thanks to this, you will be able to match them to the already installed sockets and light switches in your home.

Installation of eclectic sockets with USB port

Is installing USB sockets more difficult than installing a regular socket? Absolutely not. We mount USB sockets similarly to the traditional ones. To familiarize yourself with the installation step by step, we have prepared a short film:

So, USB sockets are a good idea? Yes, of course. Here is once more why:

  • You save time – no more chargers
  • You save space - think how much space the cables and chargers occupy. And how far from the wall they stick out when plugged in;
  • Taking care of the home aesthetics got easier - our homes are getting more and more beautiful. Why spoil their appearance with ubiquitous cables?
  • Peace of mind - Ospel USB sockets enjoy 7 years of warranty.

For more information, please contact our Foreign Sales Department or phone: 32/67 37 106-110, int. 261, 361