What is a waterproof socket?

Safety of your family, employees or customers visiting your premises is undoubtedly of the greatest importance. Therefore, waterproof sockets, also known as splash-proof sockets, have been applied for many years in rooms subject to moisture or contact with water, i.e. in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basement areas.  

The characteristic feature of a waterproof socket is a protective flap integrated with the socket itself. It serves as an effective barrier against the ingress of excessive moisture or the penetration of water drops directly into the electrical socket. Waterproof sockets are also applied in schools and kindergartens since they prevent children from access to the socket and reduce the risk of electric shock.     

Features of a good quality waterproof socket

In addition to the above protective flap, waterproof sockets should be additionally equipped with a top quality gasket. Should a room be flooded, the gasket will prevent the risk of a short circuit by isolating the socket from greater amounts of water. The gasket should be made of good quality plastics to ensure it will operate safely for many years.  

And last but not least, aesthetic values. Splash-proof sockets are now available in various colours and models, thus they can match the majority of interiors regardless of the room style.   

Surface- or flush-mounted sockets?

Surface-mounted waterproof sockets - these are sockets where a box is mounted directly onto a wall surface without routing electrical cables inside the wall. Such sockets have been used mainly in garages, basements and warehouses. Recently, however, as an industrial style fashion emerged, the presented sockets became popular among interior designers and now they can be found more often in modern design propositions.

Flush-mounted waterproof sockets are installed in a wall. Their installation cables are fully concealed. They are applied mainly in flats and houses, and wherever a discreet socket design is desirable.  

Waterproof socket earthing 

Earthing allows for long-term maintenance of electrical potential on electrical appliance enclosures. It is a protective system intended to ensure safe and correct operation of electrical equipment. Owing to models fitted with an earthing pin, our electrical appliances can be better protected. Devices connected to power supply sources will not become damaged in case of leaking current.    

Types of waterproof sockets according to a degree of protection

There are many waterproof socket markings: IP44, IP45, IP55 and IP65. Putting it simply, the IP classification is a distinction between individual protection degrees of electrical appliances guaranteed by their enclosures. The protection degrees are as follows:

IP44 is:

  • protection against foreign body particles greater than 1 mm
  • protection against splashing water


IP45 is:

  • protection against foreign body particles greater than 1 mm
  • protection against a water jet equalling 12.5 l/min sprayed onto the socket enclosure

IP55 is:

  • protection against dust
  • protection against a water jet equalling 12.5 l/min sprayed onto the socket enclosure


  • complete protection against the ingress of dust and dirt
  • protection against a water jet equalling 12.5 l/min sprayed onto the socket enclosure

Depending on the room in which splash-proof sockets are to be installed, it is worth considering which protection degree will be suitable and actually needed. Remember that a protection degree in kitchens, bathrooms or workshops should be higher. 

Our OSPEL waterproof sockets

Ospel have been manufacturing waterproof sockets for many years. In our production processes we use modern technologies and high quality materials, we also take care about aesthetic values of sockets. We have designed the OSPEL series of splash-proof sockets in a wide range of stylish colours for each type and style of room. We have paid special attention to the matter of safety. Flaps and gaskets of our sockets are made of solid and, above all, durable plastics. What is more, ours sockets are manufactured entirely in Poland. We are sure that customers will appreciate their quality and design.