The winter guide to lights

At Ospel, we are naturally interested in everything related to light. Turn the swich on and suddenly dozy kids’ bedrooms, quiet kitchens and sleepy offices lighten up. We all miss some light during the winter months. Not to mention the Christmas itself, when light and glow gain an extra meaning. So let's take a look at the world of illumination and some ideas for an interesting use of light in the realm of interior design...

In search of the shine

In previous seasons, a strong fascination with metallic decorative elements influenced interior design trends. Gold and silver have dominated for many months, while recently decorations with a hint of copper, tin and rusty shine have become desired too. This love of  glow is clearly visible in shiny kitchen handles, metal lamps or golden textiles. After years of somewhat ascetic Scandinavian style, the longing for subtle shine has prevailed.

Let’s remember however, that for the shine to happen, we simply need light. It gives the rooms the right atmosphere, sets the desired colour for objects, and emphasizes the beauty of the rooms.

Winter mornings

The view outside the window? Well…  snow at best, slush at worst. With such weather, how can  you bring out the positive mood from your surroundings? The light comes to the rescue. Let's make sure that the bulbs we use at home give us the best quality, warm light. The hue of light is of great importance. Not only for the appearance of the rooms, but also for the health of our eyes. A pleasant warm light is produced by bulbs marked with a K below 2900 symbol (on the colour temperature scale) while decorative, stained glass bulb takes care of a nice atmosphere.

A few words about shiny holidays

Winter is a time largely dominated by the Christmas season. Actually, from mid-November, Christmas decorations accompany us everywhere in the public space. They smoothly move to our homes at the beginning of December. This is an important period for the interior design of our homes. We become more joyous and bold in decorating gardens and houses.

Decorative lighting, so important in the pre-Christmas period, allows you to emphasize the beauty of festive ornaments and give our homes a dream atmosphere. And we're not just talking about cheerful Christmas lights or popular lanterns. Lamps with an adjustable light switch are ideal for creating a festive atmosphere. In everyday life, we adjust the brightness of the lamps in accordance to the weather conditions. But during  any winter holidays, we can create a magical mood thanks to the dimmer. It will perfectly emphasize the mood of the Christmas meal with the family.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you for your support of our business in the past year. We are thankful for the chance to serve you, and continue to offer you beautifully made and durable electrical equipment, which is our pride. May your Christmas be happy and blessed!

Ospel Team