Mounting products

We recommend a wide array of electric system components. Our rich offer of switches, plug sockets in all shades and colours will surely include just the one for you. High quality of each series will make it possible for you to enjoy faultless application of electric energy.

To place the order please contact with our Export Department: export@ospel.com.pl

Name Technical parameters Color Commercial designation Stan magazynowy In cart
Zaślepka (Z-1S/m/42) Series Karo Cap (Z-1S/m/42) Montaż do puszek fi 60 Pearl ecru Z-1S/m/42 26
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Przyłącz kablowy (GPPK-1S/m/42) Series Karo Cable terminal (GPPK-1S/m/42) 5x4mm2 zaciski gwintowe Pearl ecru GPPK-1S/m/42 16
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Adapter podtynkowy systemu OSPEL 45 do serii Karo (AP45-1S/m/42) Series Karo Flush mounted adaptor of the OSPEL 45 system for the Karo series (AP45-1S/m/42) Pearl ecru AP45-1S/m/42 0
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